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Pokemon Go and the impact on Brexit

How are Pokemon GO and Brexit similar?

The game was released just a few days ago and immediately caused a global hype. Its server crashed every fifteen minutes as demand spiked through the roof. The creators weighed its success on promoting better real-life social interaction. I agree that it is a brilliant product.

Yet, as I was scrolling through the park yesterday, a group of Millennials flocked in to catch a rare Pokemon. Eyes were glued on the screen. No sound was made apart from the app music. Not a single word was uttered, let alone a real conversation! Where was that "community" it claimed to create?

Entrepreneurship highlights individualism and competitive drive

Unlike its marketing campaign, the core of the game's success, in fact, lies in highlighting individualism and competition. You don't win by befriending other players in the park. You win by hatching and nurturing your own Pokemon's. Like any other game, you love it because you get to be a different person in a virtual world.

So I don’t really understand how it could promote “community”.

Britain goes global!

Similar logic can be applied to businesses in the UK after leaving the EU. Forget the so-called European community and shared values; what the UK economy needs is our position in the global marketplace to be enhanced. A stronger competitive advantage will then lead to growth. Britain is a powerful, inventive and creative nation. Our talented entrepreneurs will now be freer to forge ahead without being stifled by the bureaucracy in Brussels which has always legislated to benefit big business corporations.

Brexit unlocks our potential

Brexit will also allow better resource concentration for businesses within the UK. It unlocks the potential for investment in British companies. Given a soon-to-be released, more sensible immigration law, it will also underline in-house talents, investment, technology development and exclusivity.

All of this will bolster entrepreneurship, innovation, growth and "make the UK great again".

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