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I was invited to write a regular column for the UK national newspaper (Sunday Express) in the period immediately following the bursting of the dot com bubble in 2001. My articles were to try and reassure investors and commentators that the internet and all it offered was still largely untapped and that although sentiment was very negative at that point in time, there were many significant opportunities in the tech space that had yet to unfold.


The articles published (and available for you to read below) were written in a deliberately consumer friendly manner but what is clear is that many of my predictions back then have proved to turn out. See for yourself. I am sure you will enjoy the lighthearted style even if you don’t agree with everything I say!

Feb 11, 2001

After Dot Com Doom, Hail the digital future

Feb 18, 2001

Sound a fanfare, free Net music

Feb 25, 2001

I'll bet my shirt on e-gambling

Mar 04, 2001

They all know what you buy

Mar 11, 2001

Be safe, not sorry

Mar 18, 2001

Digital Life is sweet in Sweden

Mar 25, 2001

WAP's flop is key to the future

Mar 31, 2001

How email can stop you going Laa-Laa

Apr 07, 2001

Why not invest in a Dot Com?

Apr 14, 2001

False start holds back ISPs

Apr 21, 2001

Salute P2P, the wired world's next supernova

Apr 28, 2001

Roll on 2011 and the e-Census

May 05, 2001

It's e-business not Charit-e

May 12, 2001

Pay tribute to Conan the Librarian

May 26, 2001

I want to use Bill Gates' wallet

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