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Get up and start your business today!

In 1984 I was sitting in my housing benefit funded bedsit in North London when I saw a program on TV that showed how computers could talk to each other over the telephone line. This was the most extraordinary thing. Computers were only just becoming available to individuals in the form of the IBM PC and the Apple II and the idea of one computer ‘asking questions’ of another computer remotely was science fiction.

"Don't fear failure. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail. -- Bruce Lee

Nevertheless, the show sparked an idea in me ‘what if you could search news articles and do research by connecting to an online archive’? I found these early (embarrassing) news clippings from those days (Information World Review and Campaign) whilst updating my incubator, Bright Station’s, website ( That’s how my first company MAID was born ……

But starting a business can be scary. One day, you get this burning idea; and full of heart and passion, you quit your job to make it a reality from the loneliness your bedroom.

You might never feel ready or qualified to start a business, to be a leader of yourself and of someone else. However, waiting does not gain you the skill, trying does! You want to be an owner and a leader; you need to start pursuing first.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail --

Ralph Waldo Emerson

One might wonder: how to start? Should you write a business plan or create a detailed financial projection? Wrong! The very first essential step is to believe in yourself. The one thing that guide you on this new journey will not be a boss or a manager, but your own belief, passion and determination to achieve your vision. In order to successfully lead an organization, you need to first believe in its future.

There is a reason why people question your idea. Some might be doubtful of the risk you are taking. That is because you might well be the very first to believe in the possibility of fruition. I’m fairly certain that until this day, many still doubt the future of self-driving cars, despites Elon Musk’s continuous validations and his unshakeable belief in the future of Tesla’s leading technology. But, hey, people are “driving” self-driving cars right now.

World leaders are those who believe that dreams will come true.

So, put the anxiety behind! Take action! Start your business today!

You will never regret it.

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